Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated Air Duct Panel
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Product Description

Insultherm® Phenolic Foam is a rigid CFC and HCFC Free cellular foam insulation material with a substantially closed cell structure, whose polymer structure is made primarily from the poly-condensation of phenol, its homologues and/or derivatives with aldehydes and ketones.
Insultherm® Phenolic Foam has various distinct properties that make it better than any other conventional insulation materials.
Lower K Value (K Value = 0.018W/mk) – that means exceptionally low thermal conductivity.
Main application Insultherm® Phenolic Foam are using for the application of Air Duct Panel
Low water absorption is a key feature of Insultherm® Phenolic Foam A high closed cell content of up to 95% results in very low water vapour transmission and reduces condensation

Other Features

Insultherm® Phenolic Foam assures longer life as it is unaffected by most aromatic and aliphatic solvents.
Odourless and does not absorb colour.
Rodent/insect Proof and being mildly antiseptic resists fungal and bacterial growth.
Corrosion and chemical resistance is another strength. Insultherm® Phenolic Foam resists organic solvents and chemicals. Being non-abrasive and hydrophobic, it does not corrode metal.
Insultherm® Phenolic Foam has anti-static properties. It is an electrical insulator and in case of friction does not generate static electricity or sparks.
Fire Performance: The fire performance of Insultherm® Phenolic Foam is exceptional. It combines zero or very low flame spread with negligible smoke emission and a very low level of toxic gas emission.