Cellular Glass Insulation
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Product Description

Cellular Glass insulation is rigid, lightweight material containing millions of completely sealed glass cells. This unique cell structure is inherently water resistant and provides a highly effective vapor barrier (will not absorb flammable liquids or vapors). It is also unaffected by common chemicals and by most corrosive environments. The material is available in sectional pipe covering and fittings, board segments for equipment and curved segments for tank wall and head applications. Cellular glass insulation can be applied and coated with a variety of available adhesives and finishes.


High compressive strength, Low thermal conductivity, No water absorption, Zero permeability, High performance barrier, Non-combustible, Non-toxic, Resistant to pets and vermin.


Low temperature & cryogenic, Cryogenic piping, Chilled and hot water lines, Heat traced pipes & equipment, Hydrocarbon processing, Above and below ground steam lines, Offshore platforms, Cryogenic vessels, equipment & tanks, High temperature pipelines, Asphalt and hot oil storage tanks.


Procedural and random testing of Cellular Glass during the manufacturing process ensures the most consistent and high performance insulation reaches our customers. Our in-house testing equipment is Calibrated and certified to ensure ASTM performance and quality of Cellular Glass.